• dual mechanical and enzymatic action
  • fruit extracts and sea salt crystals
  • Active with AHA (Fruit Acids)
  • transforms into a hydrating, repairing and nourishing treatment
  • natural glitter, pearly effect
  • leaves no greasy film on the skin after rinsing

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How to apply the Perfection Magic Scrub?

Step 1. Face and neckline: on clean, dry skin, apply a thin layer without rubbing, avoiding the eye area.

Step 2. Body: on dry, clean skin, apply by circular massage. Insist according to the area and the sensitivity of the skin.

Step 3. Moisten the hands then massage gently.

Step 4. Leave on for 4 to 5 minutes.

Step 5. Rinse the skin thoroughly with clean water.

Treat yourself to a sensory ritual, with the enveloping scents of Ylang-Ylang, which restores the skin’s radiance.

This scrub will leave your skin soft with a refreshed texture and appearance. It revives your tan or prepares the skin before your Self-Tanning Care (Spray or Self-Tanning Cream). Suitable for all types of skin.

Gommage pre-Tan

It is the ideal cosmetic to use all year round and to always keep at hand. Perfect during the winter months to restore color and radiance to the skin, it is absolutely essential in spring and summer, before the holidays but also after, to intensify or prepare your tan. This scrub is applied as a care before or after your shower.

Botany at the heart of its formula

cosmetique naturel botanique

At the heart of its formula, its fruit extracts (mango, papaya, passion fruit, etc.) and its sea salt crystals allow a double exfoliation, mechanical and enzymatic. Specially designed to sublimate the skin, its active ingredients are known for their properties to rebalance the pH, moisturize, purify and make the skin smoother, brighter and softer, on all skin types. Ideal before your tanning treatment.

100% Vegan

Hypoallergenic Perfume

Developed in Brittany and Made in France

98% Natural Origin

BOTAN Magic scrub with dual mechanical and enzymatic action: Reveal your skin’s natural radiance

Discover the secret to radiant, glowing skin with BOTAN Magic Scrub. By combining a double mechanical and enzymatic action, this innovative product offers gentle and effective exfoliation, ideal for revealing the natural beauty of your skin. Here’s why you should make it part of your skincare routine.

Complete and gentle exfoliation

BOTAN Magic Scrub stands out for its dual mechanical and enzymatic action. The exfoliating particles of sea salt present in the product gently remove dead cells and impurities, while the natural enzymes dissolve the bonds between these cells, thus facilitating their elimination. This combination allows a complete exfoliation of the skin, improving its texture and radiance.

A treatment suitable for all skin types

Whether you have dry, oily, sensitive or combination skin, BOTAN Magic Scrub is suitable for all skin types. Its gentle and non-aggressive formula makes it an ideal choice, even for sensitive skin. By gently exfoliating, this scrub does not irritate the skin and avoid redness or irritation often associated with other exfoliating products.

A boost to cell renewal

The double mechanical and enzymatic action of BOTAN’s Magic scrub stimulates the cell renewal process of the skin. By removing dead cells, it promotes the regeneration of new cells, helping your skin look younger and brighter. Regular use of this scrub can also reduce the appearance of blemishes and age spots, leaving skin more even and radiant.

A pleasant sensory experience with the magic scrub

In addition to its benefits for the skin, Botan’s Magic Scrub also offers a pleasant sensory experience. Its creamy texture and delicate scents provide a feeling of luxury and relaxation when applied. Taking care of your skin thus becomes a moment of pleasure and relaxation.

Formula Analysis

Children (0-16 years old): not assessed

Pregnant women: No risk identified to date

Adults: No risk identified to date

Source : UFC – Que choisir

0.26 kg
At home, once a week
Application area
Face and body
250 g


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